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Gordon Gregory

Using the files


The .ft3 Fronimo files can be opened and played on Windows PCs with just the demo version of Fronimo installed. The demo can be downloaded here.

For the Fronimo files, position the cursor over the file you want, Right Click and select "Save Link As..." and the save the file on your computer; then open that file in Fronimo.

For the MIDI files you either follow the process above and open them in your MIDI program, or Left Click will often just play the file automatically. The Apple Mac program Garage Band will open MIDI files and allows tempo and pitch changes.

In Fronimo, Function Key 4 brings up the MIDI Options menu which allows you to change the pitch and tempo of the Ground (the default setting for the Ground is for a lute in G at A440Hz and tempos of 40 to 60bpm).

The pitch can easily be changed to suit other lutes. A pitch setting of -2 would suit a Treble played on an F lute at A440Hz (or G lute at A392Hz, which is the same thing). A setting of -3 would suit a an E lute at A440hz (or G lute at A370Hz, again the same thing. For an explanation of why this matters see the article Tuning lutes)).

Do not hesitate to use much slower tempos than 60bpm. The idea tempo for practice will be uncomfortably slow, and each strong beat will have to be carefully placed for good ensemble with the Ground. Remember ahead of the beat is always wrong, behind the beat is often fine.

Alt.+P plays the file, Alt.+S stops and Alt.+U pauses playback. The Home key returns you to the start of the count-in.

MIDI and and sometimes .PDF files are provided for users of other operating systems and computers. Consult your own documentation for how to run these file formats.

There is a Fronimo tutorial on Cezar Mateus's website here.

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