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Six course lute in F by Martin Shepherd .

Six course lute in F by Martin Shepherd (1992), modelled on the Warwick Frei lute, sycamore/maple back, 68cms, strung in Nylgut with a gut bass on the 6th course. This has been my main playing choice for over 20 years and is a wonderful instrument.  .

Condition is very good considering its age and it has a rich resonant sound and a wide dynamic range. It has been well maintained by Martin throughout its life and was completely rebarred in 2009. Perfect for the 16th century solo repertoire and good for playing the lower parts of tone apart duets (which tend to be easier!). This is just the kind of instrument that the French Baroque lutenists scoured Italy for in search of lutes to convert to Baroque 11 course lutes (just as the Warwick Frei was changed).

Complete with velvet-lined MTM case.





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